Exploring the Roots: The Healing Power of Khoisan Cannabis Traditions

San elder embraces San youth

In a world where modern medicine and ancient practices continue to converge, the Khoisan of South Africa stand as custodians of a rich heritage. My journey to South Africa’s Cannabis Expo, the largest of its kind on the African continent, had a specific agenda: connect with Indigenous wisdom and gain a deeper understanding of cannabis […]

Rediscovering Roots: A Journey to the Ancestors’ Village – Part II

A Warm Welcome: The children and youth of the village embraced us with uncontainable excitement. Their eyes sparkled with curiosity and wonder, mirroring my own eagerness to learn. Mama Zumba, the elder who had graciously hosted us in her home, cooked for us and imparted her wisdom with love and generosity. There was only one […]

Rediscovering Roots: A Journey to the Ancestors’ Lands – Part I

Introduction: In our hearts, we all have a strong desire to connect with our roots and uncover the mysteries of our ancestors. Recently, I had the chance to fulfill this longing by going on a meaningful trip with my father to visit my late Grandmother’s village—a vision we both first shared over 15 years ago. […]